Daisy the Goat

This is Daisy.



Daisy is a Saanen goat. Saanen’s only come in white, all white, and the ears go sideways. Daisy has big, beautiful sideways ears of the extra large variety.

There are three basic types of ears on goats: sideways ears, hang down ears and some have little tiny ears that look like they have no ears.

Saanen goats are known for their friendly easy going nature and high milk production. Although their milk doesn’t have as much butterfat as some of the dwarf varieties the milk is sweet and clean tasting and did I mention the HIGH PRODUCTION???

I bought Daisy from a dairy just south of Salem. She was not super excited to get in the car. In fact, after several attempts to try to coax her in it was clear we needed some muscle. Goats are heavy. They are also not super fond of being manhandled.  Daisy got in the car eventually and we were all sweating by the time we drove away.