Pink Alpacas

Felted soaps are gaining popularity, a washcloth and loofah all in one, they are a time saver and efficient way to help keep your soap fresh and last longer. The wool has natural anti-fungal properties and provides mild exfoliation.

At Rain Barrel Acres we felt our soaps with our Alpaca fleece and merino wool. The alpaca fleece is super soft and the merino is just enough to hold all the felting together. Each felting is unique and makes a beautiful pattern.

I had a fabulous weekend selling soap at an artisan show.  A lady asked me about my felted soaps. I explained that I used my alpaca’s fleece to felt the soap. She then asked me if my alpaca was pink. I explained that we DYED the alpaca fleece pink.  She nodded in an understanding fashion and then asked if the alpacas mind being dyed. I explained that we dyed the fleece AFTER we sheared it off the alpaca. She told me she thought that was probably a better route and bought several soaps. She said they would make great gifts for her friends that didn’t know about pink alpacas. I agreed whole heartedly, a pink alpaca is a rare thing.