What’s a CSA Anyway?!?

I often get asked about our CSA program. Questions usually start with, “What is a CSA?” CSA stands for Community Sponsored Agriculture. It is, in its simplest form, buying a share in a farmer’s garden. The share provides you with what the farm is growing that year. Your share will change week to week as things ripen and are harvested.

At Rain Barrel Acres our CSA is a bit boutique in that we offer all the things we produce on our farm including: chicken eggs, goat milk soap, beeswax lotion, honey, orchard fruit, truffles foraged on our farm and fresh cut flower bouquets.

Our bags change what we offer week to week as the garden heats up and the growing season gets going. In cold spring years it may take awhile to get going but if you are on the journey with us your baskets will overflow as the season progresses.

If you are asking the question, “Is a CSA right for me?” I can tell you that a CSA is right for you if you care about how your food is produced. We offer chemical and pesticide free foods raised ethically with sustainable permaculture in mind. Kinda like your great grandma did it.