Enormous Vegetable Garden Update

Lots of seeds in the ground means…waiting for seeds to sprout. With an extended stretch of sunny weather I found myself carting water to and fro and generally fretting as all gardeners do in spring. Gardeners are rarely happy with the weather. After receiving some much needed rain I took inventory of my sprouting seeds and found some beets and radish poking through the compost.


Garlic and my red onion sets are popping up along with peas and what I suspect are some parsnips. I swore off parsnips a couple years ago after growing some robust plants that were huge garden bullies. But they taste so good…so I put in a row or three.

Since waiting for seeds to germinate is similar to watching paint dry I busied myself with trellis installation in anticipation of my 100 tomatoes. I also included two arched panels for pole beans and scarlet runner beans. Installing an arched trellis is a two person job but I managed it myself with some gritty determination and a copious amount of cursing. It took ten times longer and I almost killed myself but they will look beautiful covered in beans.

This week I’m looking forward to getting wood chips to cover my cardboard walkways and installing a few pumpkin beds because there is nothing more exciting than giant pumpkins. Except maybe multiple giant pumpkins. Like 100 or so.