The Plague Doctor Will See You Now…

Thieves Oil. It’s been around for centuries.  Purportedly it wards off the plague. Grave robbers in 15th century France are rumored to have escaped contracting the disease by using a blend of essential oils that contained healing properties. Plague doctors wore masks with a pointed “beak” which they filled with herbs and straw. I am deathly afraid of plague masks. I think they are just about the scariest thing I have ever seen. My son was playing a video game and his character was wearing a plague mask. When I looked at his computer screen I actually screamed.


I recently blended Thieves Oil for soap making. It has a clean smell and the use of five essential oils creates a blend where no one particular oil stands out.  Lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon bark, rosemary and clove essential oils all reputedly have antiseptic qualities.  The addition of goat milk in the soap really helps to keep the bar mild and balanced.

Warding off the plague has never been so easy! Just don’t scream if you see a mask.



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