Goat! Why Wouldn’t You Want Some???

People often ask me what it’s like to have a herd of milking goats. Mostly they are frowning and interjecting every few sentences with, “But how do you go anywhere???”

It’s true. Milking goats require you to be home to milk them. If you are milking twice a day you will need to adhere to a schedule so both you and your goat will be happy.


Goats like routine just like any other farm animal. It’s important to train them to use the milking stand. They will happily jump up there to eat when it’s time to milk.


Training goats is easy and fun if you are patient. Goats can be stubborn and like to think things are their idea not yours. Luckily Saanen’s have good temperaments and are generally agreeable.

Total Chaos.

It’s a lot of work, but like all things worth doing, it comes with an enormous amount of satisfaction and plenty of goat love.

Baby Butter


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