Got Wood???

Clearing land often involves taking out trees. We have a lot of trees. About 20 acres worth. Loggers have looked at them and scratched their heads. Generally they look at me and ask,

“Lady, are you serious?”

This is in response to my telling them I want the trees cleared away and the stumps and limbs all gone because I want to turn the area into pasture. The problem is that the trees have very little value from a logging standpoint. If I want them gone I’m going to have to pay the loggers. A lot.

Since I like to think outside the box (in fact, I like to tear the box up and use it as kindling) I decided to get practical and cut the trees up for firewood and sell it. We invested in a log splitter. If you are going to cut and split more than a few cords of firewood a log splitter is in order. I love my log splitter. The first day I crushed my finger and a watched a purple bruise rise under my fingernail. I put my glove back on, said a few curse words and carried on but I must admit it really hurt. Getting your finger crushed is about the only danger with the log splitter (I’m certain there are other ways to get hurt-I’m just pointing out you’d have to work pretty hard at it).

The best part about the log splitter that it is available through It is also Prime eligible! Free shipping? Yes! There is the small issue that the log splitter comes in a crate and you need to assemble it but it is no worse than something from IKEA.


Once you assemble it and check the fluids, just add some gas and you’re good to go. You can split tons of wood in a short period of time.




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